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At Phoenix Dynamics, we invest our knowledge and experience in our customers’ challenges and this has led to us providing a wide range of services to our customers to improve the quality and performance of their products and reduce the time and effort to deliver solutions. As a business we provide a full spectrum service offering to help our customers maximise the return from their cable, wiring and electro-mechanical assembles.

We support customers at all stages, from developing new technology, designing new cable assembly solutions, delivery of wiring harnesses and electro mechanical assembles and the servicing and support of existing assemblies.


Our cable assemblies provide our customers with reduced build times, improved quality and on-time delivery, integral to their production line.

The combination of electrical and mechanical assemblies to deliver customers sub-assemblies that can fit into larger applications is the best combination of our skills and knowledge.

Our in-house moulding and overmoulding facility provides the ability to reduce cost, reduce weight and reduce the component count all in one step.


The weight and space saving combined with improved performance has made fibre optics the main stay for a lot of our customer base.

For projects that are still at the design stage, we provide a comprehensive partnership service, working hand in hand with your team to create excellence.


We help our customers and projects by providing experienced engineers to troubleshoot their problems and provide robust, repeatable and reliable solutions.

Our specialised service and repair team are used by customers to support both off-site and on-site problems, either in manufacturing or in service. 

This service allows for customers to push the design envelope and gain advantages such as reducing cost, improving performance and achieving what was historically impossible.