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Over 20 years' experience

Phoenix Dynamics is a leader in delivering world class electrical cable assemblies into some of the most challenging environments. As a business, we invest in our customer’s challenges and are able to provide a wide range of services from research and development, consultancy and design through to assembly and post-delivery support. This allows our customers to be delivered higher performing products and improved quality assemblies, while reducing the time and effort for them to find a solution.


Defence Solutions


Reliability when you
need it most 

The reliable, professional values running throughout Phoenix Dynamics has helped us to form a strong partnership with key companies within the Defence sector.




Harness solutions that drive technology

Phoenix Dynamics' deep understanding of high precision cable assembly products makes us perfect partner for Aerospace primes and manufacturers across the UK.


The combination of electrical and mechanical assemblies to deliver customers sub-assemblies that can fit into larger applications is the best combination of our skills and knowledge.

The weight and space saving combined with improved performance has made fibre optics the main stay for a lot of our customer base.

Our commitment to solving our customers' challenges and getting results has made us the partner of choice to a number of UK based companies.


"Understanding the needs of the military has been key to Phoenix’s success..."

" ability to react and quickly adapt to the needs of clients..." 

For projects that are still at the design stage, we provide a comprehensive partnership service, working hand in hand with your team to create excellence.

This service allows for customers to push the design envelope and gain advantages such as reducing cost, improving performance and achieving what was historically impossible.