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The combination of electrical and mechanical assemblies to deliver customer's sub-assemblies that can fit into larger applications is the best combination of our skills and knowledge.

Customers are able to maximise the cost reductions of multiple assemblies into one location while relying on our high quality standards and our commitment to on-time delivery. All our electro-mechanical assemblies are manufactured within an AS9100/ISO9001 environment by our experienced manufacturing team. Due to our deep understanding of the electrical requirements to maximise function and optimise endurance, we are able to advise and deliver enhanced electro-mechanical assembles that improve the performance of the final product.

Customers that allow us to be both their electrical and mechanical assembly provider gain a key partner that is committed to reducing overall program cost, improve lead times and enhance quality. This combined with high capacity and capability means we can support customers with small run project work as well as continuing scheduled demand.

Examples of our electro-mechanical assemblies include control boxes, control panels, sensor enclosures and power and signal distribution boxes.

Electromechanical Assembly,
Control Panel Wiring