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Fibre Optics


Fibre-Optic Manufacturing

We have invested significantly to create a dedicated manufacturing facility for Fibre-Optic assemblies. Our specialist Fibre-Optics are perfect for harsh environments and manufactured to the highest quality suitable for Defence, Aerospace and other similar harsh environment applications.

All our fibre optic assemblies are manufactured using only the highest-grade materials so that the performance of our assemblies is world class.

Evidence of our investment in high quality Fibre-Optic manufacturing can be seen in our dedicated Fibre-Optics manufacturing chamber, incorporating high-quality processing and test equipment.


Fibre-Optic Testing

Our Fibre-Optic assemblies are built for Harsh Environments and are tested accordingly to guarantee robustness and reliability.

Machine polishing is conducted on all ferrules to ensure potential variation is removed from the manufacturing process. Our interferometer checks to ensure that the end face geometry provides optimal contact.

Once the geometry of the ferrules has been confirmed they undergo visual inspection using inspection probes to visually check the condition of the end face, ensuring a perfect finish has been achieved.

Final stage validation includes tests for Insertion and Return Loss. All our assemblies are shipped with a full test certificate.


Fibre-Optic Extras

Phoenix Dynamics can source and assemble connectors from all major Fibre Optic manufacturers.

Our trained Operators and Fibre-Optics Engineers are qualified to design and manufacture assemblies using any connector range allowing us to provide high quality, cost effective bespoke solutions.

We offer Fibre-Optics consultancy and design support for new products ensuring that you meet your technical requirements in the most cost-effective way.

We also offer a third-party testing and troubleshooting service for your existing Fibre-Optic products.

We support Government, OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers in satisfying their exact Fibre-Optics needs.


This service allow for customers to push the design envelope and gain advantages such as reducing cost, improving performance and achieving what was historically impossible.

"...a fully integrated hybrid harness solution..." 

Battlefield Repairability

The frontline of any military conflict is a tough place to be and it is inevitable that equipment will fail, or be damaged, at some point...

Our in-house moulding and overmoulding facility provides the ability to reduce cost, reduce weight and reduce the component count all in one step.