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Sometimes customer’s projects end up in trouble for a multitude of reasons from design, production, quality or supply issues. We help these customers and projects by providing experienced engineers to troubleshoot the problem and provide robust, repeatable and reliable solutions. This can include solutions at inception such as specification writing or project scoping, to problem solving, trouble shooting, testing and validation. We support customers around the world as a 3rd party looking at their existing products and helping them to improve performance, fix problems, reduce cost or simply confirm that their products are fit for purpose.


Consultancy is the delivery of non-biased support that helps improve a product, process or programme. We are able to do this by using over 20 years’ experience of designing, manufacturing and improving cable assemblies that are integral to the overall performance of the end product.

UK Trade & Investment 

Phoenix Dynamics has worked with BAE Systems for many years supplying components for their M777 Howitzer gun…

The combination of electrical and mechanical assemblies to deliver customers sub-assemblies that can fit into larger applications is the best combination of our skills and knowledge.


The weight and space saving combined with improved performance has made fibre optics the main stay for a lot of our customer base.

"...on-site support service to assist customers with their wiring harness development..."