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The joining of cables to connectors and each other is normally the natural point of weakness within a cable harness or electrical system, but at Phoenix Dynamics we see this as the perfect opportunity for improvement. Our in-house moulding and overmoulding facility provides the ability to reduce cost, reduce weight and reduce the component count all in one step. We provide low pressure moulding to protect the key components of an assembly, as well as providing a rugged enhancement to the original connection. With many years’ experience of tooling design, we are able to create mouldings that have large design freedom to incorporate clipping, mountings and grips to name a few.

Customers rely on us to provide mouldings from initial design concepts to geometrical precise mouldings that are used to locate, hold and protect cable assemblies. It is the wide range of flexibility that we offer with our low-pressure moulding system that means that we can quickly create a sample for testing and then deliver a consistent product through our robust manufacturing processes. This is most appreciated with products that have high complexity and/or are exposed to harsh environments. Combined with the protection that mouldings can provide to PCB’s and other sensitive components, it has become a key offering for many of our customers.

Phoenix Dynamics has invested in the latest low-pressure overmoulding equipment, allowing us to support our customers with their ever-changing requirements. Through our desire to find the perfect solution, we have pioneered various low-pressure moulding techniques, validating and approving our designs alongside our customers and their technical teams. We can now proudly say that our overmoulded products are approved and fielded by customers across a wide range of market sectors, from government defence agencies through to marine shipbuilders and many more.

Recognising the need to deliver a bespoke solution, we use our 3D CAD capabilities and work together with your team to design an overmoulded component to satisfy your exact requirements. All tooling is designed and created for your specific needs by our in-house Engineers, reducing both cost and lead-time. We can also produce scale models of the proposed design, created using our 3D printers and providing you with a physical aid to check installation.


To improve the protection and performance of your cable harnesses, let us help you maximise the advantage from your mouldings and over mouldings, call us on 01782 578333 or email