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Our specialised service and repair team are used by customers to support both off-site and on-site problems with existing products, either in manufacturing or in service. We provide cable assembly troubleshooting services, including survey and repair, and provide a reverse engineering service to deliver new line replaceable products into the manufacturing process or into operational service. We provide the engineers, the tools, the skills and the experience to deliver quick, effective and robust solutions into use.


Customers can use our service offer either as a reactive solution on-site or off-site as and when they need it, or can engage in a ‘by the hour’ contract to receive proactive support over a complete programme or product range. We do not need to be the original manufacturer of the equipment we are supporting as we have a wide base of knowledge and experience to rely upon, plus the ability to support from our central UK manufacturing site.

NATO Slave Adaptor

The basic technical outline was to provide an electrically protected interface conversion from a MIL-C-38999 Series IV connector...

For projects that are still at the design stage, we provide a comprehensive partnership service, working hand in hand with your team to create excellence.


This service allows for customers to push the design envelope and gain advantages such as reducing cost, improving performance and achieving what was historically impossible.

"...highly efficient manufacturing cell dedicated to the production of high current cables..."