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Electro Mechanical systems are becoming more prevalent in modern system design. Phoenix Dynamics utilises the latest in 3D CAD software, Simulation techniques, 3D printed prototypes and comprehensive validation testing methods to ensure all our products are of the highest quality and durability. Increasingly, across all market sectors, there is a move towards the modular integration of high-quality cable assembly products and bespoke mechanical components. From simple integrated bracketry, control boxes and switchgear to electronic panels, subsystems and highly complex armature and bespoke ‘manned system’ elements.

Our industry leading facility is designed to ensure the highest standards are met and the quality of products we supply to you is of the utmost importance to us. We utilise anti-static technology as part of our ESD assembly & production areas and all our work surfaces are soft touch to protect the integrity and surface finishes of components.

In true partnership fashion, we have worked extensively with our customers to improve product performance, streamline installation and speed up production. Effective system design and subsequent manufacture is critically dependent on the skill and expertise of the people and teams involved in the life cycle of the product. At Phoenix Dynamics we pride ourselves on the continued education and development of all of our staff.

Technology and Engineering is at the core of our business and our goal is to fully understand the nature of your requirement and deliver a tailored package, bespoke to you. We can offer a full turnkey solution or provide single elements of our capability set as part of a standalone service.


Electro-Mechanical Assemblies employ both electrical and mechanical components to perform an array of functions, such as; Power Generation in Electric Motors, Control systems (panels or various switches) as well as perform power enhancing mechanical operations. Phoenix Dynamics manufactures Electro-Mechanical Assemblies and can support production of fabricated enclosures, sub-system assemblies, testing and manufacturing through to the final product. This goes hand in hand with our core wiring capabilities. 


Our team of Engineers can assist you to improve production, from Design to delivery, whether for an initial Design concept or current large volume products and provide cost effective assembly solutions.  With the latest 3D printer technology and in-house capability using advanced CAD systems, we can create rapid prototypes ensuring you stay on target with your project.


Quality is at the heart of our company and our manufacturing facility is configured to provide excellent product mechanical and electrical protection during all stages of manufacture. This includes the provision of ESD protected and soft surface assembly areas.


“Phoenix Dynamics can manage the entire supply chain..."

This service allow for customers to push the design envelope and gain advantages such as reducing cost, improving performance and achieving what was historically impossible.


We provide the engineers, the tools, the skills and the experience to deliver quick, effective and robust solutions into use.

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