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Battlefield Repairability


Client : US Army 

Industry : Defence

Commission : The frontline of any military conflict is a tough place to be and it is inevitable that equipment will fail, or be damaged, at some point. The key is to ensure that this equipment is returned to action as soon as possible to limit the effects that its inactivity may have on the military situation and also the risk to the soldier. A new development by Phoenix Dynamics will ensure that military hardware is kept out of action for the minimum of time.

Working closely with the world's leading defence agencies and equipment manufacturers, has established Phoenix Dynamics as a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance electrical interconnect systems and electro-mechanical assemblies. This reputation has resulted in a request to create a battlefield repairable system for artillery pieces.

Scope of Works : The challenge given to Phoenix Dynamics was to develop, as part of a contract partly funded by the US Military, a special connector back shell, or adaptor that allows easy access to the wiring and terminals. By gaining easy access, using standard workshop tools, military engineers are able to carry out repairs to any damaged systems at the forward base repair workshop, rather than the equipment either having to be transferred back to a central workshop, or replaced completely.

Results : As a result of the new design the need to return an artillery piece to a central base is eliminated and the logistical issue of carrying spare parts is greatly reduced. The time saved in achieving this can prove vital in a fast moving battlefield situation and the cost savings, due to the inability to repair current systems will be significant.

Further Notes : A further advantage in a battlefield situation is that these repairs can be achieved using the most basic of toolkit, which helps in minimising the technology required at the repair station. While initially designed for military applications, these ruggedised, repairable harnesses and connectors will have numerous applications in other sectors, including power generation, motorsport and transport.