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Custom power connector


Client : UK based metal processing plant

Industry : Industrial

Commission : In-Line Power Connector required that would be robust enough to survive the harsh environment of an Aluminium processing plant whilst providing automatic disconnect at a defined pull-off force.

The basic technical outline was to provide an environmentally protected quick disconnect electrical power connector capable of supplying 50A continuous current. This was a reengineering exercise to replace the existing OEM product that is now obsolete.

A key requirement was that during the frequent movement of the smelting machinery if the works staff forgot to disconnect the power cable, it would automatically disconnect, preventing damage to expensive equipment.

Scope of Works : The electrical Contacts and insulating materials were chosen to ensure that the finished product would meet all of the design objectives. Using a cold pour moulding process and locally sourced precision tooling resulted in a cost effective and repeatable process.

Full Electrical, Mechanical and Environmental performance validated the effectiveness of the design and production processes.

Results : The final product has fulfilled the requirement and the customer is very satisfied with the overall product and service provided by Phoenix.