A member of the Northern Defence Industries

A member of the Northern Defence Industries

Market Sector : Defence

Phoenix Dynamics has a wealth of experience serving the Defence Sector with a long history supplying a range of military specification wiring harnesses and other electrical assemblies. We are actively involved in a variety of military programmes with the UK MoD, the US DoD and a number of Defence Prime Contractors in support of Artillery, Land Vehicles, Mine Clearance & Detection, Communication and Naval applications.

The performance of wiring harness products in this sector is critical. The parts not only have to survive some of the most hostile environments in the world, they must also be built to last by offering extended operational life. Phoenix Dynamics has extensive knowledge of the components and materials regularly used in Mil-Spec Wiring Systems including connectors, backshells, wire and the heatshrink tubing that often provides the protection. What Phoenix also recognise is that the manufacturing techniques used to combine them all together as a loom is of equal importance to the performance of the finished assembly.

Understanding the needs of the military has been key to Phoenix’s success in the Defence Sector and has resulted in our involvement in a number or high value and high importance defence contracts. We have designed and developed a number of products that address specific issues including Power Adaptors, Pull-Break Connector Systems, Bespoke Backshells, Field Reparability Harness features and Moulded Shapes to control precise routing requirements.


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