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Battery Cables and Power Leads


Phoenix Dynamics has a highly efficient manufacturing cell dedicated to the production of high current battery cables with cross-sectional areas ranging from 16sqmm to 150sqmm. These heavy-duty power cables are often used as the main electrical feed into a product of which all other internal circuits depend upon. The manufacturing cell has the capacity to produce thousands of cables every week and can be supplied either as individual items or packaged together with other parts to form a kit or work package.

Phoenix Dynamics’ long history in supplying battery cables and power leads has allowed us to build up wide selection of crimp tooling to accommodate a vast range of terminations, from simple ring terminals to more complex lugs and fittings. To ensure their continuing high quality, we have invested in a bespoke calibrated pull-off measurement facility to guarantee their performance.

Phoenix Dynamics manufacture a wide range of bespoke insulated power cable assemblies for both low and high voltage applications, as well as braided earth straps that can be built to your specification. Typical applications include electric vehicles, industrial and military generators, wind turbine power convertors, and power distribution systems for the rail industry.