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Wiring Harnesses


Phoenix Dynamics is a UK manufacturer of bespoke wiring harness products in a variety of styles and finishes. These wiring harnesses, or wiring looms/cable harnesses as they are sometimes called, can be constructed using heat-shrink, conduit tube, braid, tape, tie-wraps or lacing cord. Ruggedization of cables is one of our major strengths and we have become experts in the manufacture of fully sealed, potted and over-moulded wiring harnesses. Temperature extremes, water ingress and mechanical endurance are all design challenges we regularly face since many of our wiring harnesses find application in equipment operating in the harshest of environments. We also have vast experience of electrically shielded wiring harnesses, using braid or foil screening to eliminate electrical interference from critical data signals.

Phoenix Dynamics can also manufacture wiring harnesses made using bespoke multicore cables giving the customer the precise number, type and size of cores to suit their particular requirement. These machine-built cables give the customer greater consistency of product with precise lay-up of conductors with even tension on all cores. Options include the addition of fillers for roundness and flexibility, EMC braids woven in situ to maximise shielding effectiveness and in the case of the extruded jacket, control over wall thickness and concentricity. All these elements combined with improved handling characteristics give higher performance levels than traditional hand-built cables.